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New Window display

No more blu-tac!

Window displays – The shop window continues to be a focal point for advertising the wide range of products available to book through our travel agency. Although sadly due to security issues many other business in the High Street have fitted shutters we elected to place our protection behind the windows, enabling any perspective customer the opportunity to view whatever offers we may have whenever they pass our office, day or night. Recently to enhance this facility we have installed a new window display. Gone are the days of blu-tac and wobbly posters and a much smarter display awaits you the next time you pass our office! The new display works both ways so on the outside you will see holiday offers and once inside you will see mention of the various ancillary services we offer including airport lounges, car parking and taxis to the airport. Don’t forget the offers illustrated in the window are just a very small selection of what we have available so please do not hesitate to call in or give us a call on 01274 691409. The likelihood is we will have a holiday and an offer to suit you.