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Ban on A-board advertising

It would be easy to become demotivated when something like a letter from the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council arrives informing us of their decision to ban pavement advertising boards (A-boards) across the Bradford District from 1st April 2018.
The A-board has been visible, outside my office, for easily 20 of the 29 years of running my own travel agency business. As a result it has been the main indicator to my clients, looking up or down the High Street, as to whether or not the office is open. Already a couple of my customers have commented “I’m glad I walked further down I thought you were closed when I couldn’t see the board outside”
Arguably, I could continue displaying the board until the Council undertake enforcement duty. I could moan about it and lament about custom I may have lost as a result of the ban. But with the usual positivity I try to show when problems occur I have sought to find a solution.
I have decided to continue displaying the A-board next to the gable end of the building but not obstructing the pavement. This makes the sign only partially visible so, in addition we have designed and purchased a window flag that will be displayed (weather permitting) on the window when the office is open. This not only helps my agency to be noticed but also gives custom to another company in these difficult times. No one ever said that running your own business is easy but it is often how you turn a negative into a positive that keeps you going!